Happy Tuesday Pears!
A frequently asked question I often answer about Part & Parcel is about our business model. How our product is sold, who it benefits and how much each Partner earns per sale. Today I thought it would be fun to introduce you to one of our very first founding Partners: Sam Reyes. We did a little Q&A together and we really hope you enjoy it!

Sam, how were you introduced to Part & Parcel?
I actually got involved with Part & Parcel through craigslist. Now I don’t recommend meeting up with just anyone off craigslist by yourself but I responded to an ad asking for plus size models for boots. Post I had also previously seen on a FB group ‘m a part of called Fat Brunch. I kept going back to the post and thinking if I should or shouldn’t respond and in the end I did! That’s how I met Lauren and we’ve had an amazing friendship since then.

What made you join Part & Parcel as a Partner Sam?
I joined Part & Parcel as a Partner because this company stands for everything I believe in. I believe in empowering plus size women to build strong communities. Where we lift each other up, where we have the opportunity to provide financial stability and where we live life to the fullest. There have been plenty of times in my career where I’ve not been given an opportunity or a job because of my size. There was also the assumption  that I wouldn’t be able to do the job because of my size. At the end of the day our size shouldn’t determine the life we live and I wanted to help change that stigma.

Have you always identified as plus? have always been plus. But I never embraced it until about six years ago when I was 22.

What does ‘A WORLD WHERE PLUS THRIVES’ look like to you?
A world where plus thrives to me is a world where my daughter doesn’t see the word fat as bad but as an adjective, where plus people get the same respect that others get, it’s a world where we are not constantly being shamed for our bodies and being fed diet talk because we want to live freely in our plus bodies – it’s a world where we get offered the same high-quality fashionable clothes as others.

What do you want other Plus women to know?
I want other plus women to know that we are beautiful and I know you hear that a lot but we Sexy smart beautiful and just as
Capable as doing anything that anyone else can do. We no longer have to have society tell us how we need to act and where we need to stay we can be free in our bodies and do what we want and not be sorry.

That was our mini interview with Sam! We hope you loved meeting her and if you’re looking for a 5x-6x savvy Partner she might be your perfect fit. Until next Tuesday!