Top: Club Monaco (old) (similar & similar), Pants: J.Crew Cafe Capri, Shoes: Halogen via Nordstrom (old)

In this post I talk about my struggles finding a work pant that fits my pearshaped body. Structured pants simply do not fit my rounder frame and I always find either tightness in the thigh and butt areas, or gaping at the waist. For reference, my requirements for a work pant were: neutral color, full length, mid-rise, not too tight in the rear end or thigh, slight stretch, slimmer bottom opening. While these J.Crew Cafe Capri pants don’t fit all of those points, I am pleased with the fit and picked them up at 25% off as simply something to put on my body for work.

As a sizing guide: I am approximately 5’6′ tall, and typically wear a size 10 in pants. For these bottoms I was required to size up to a 12. For some women, generally those not as hippy as myself, J.Crew practices “vanity sizing.” However I feel that as a fuller woman, I often have to size up in their pants. This inconsistent sizing is a point of frustration for me.

A 31′ inseam is ideal for me for full length pants, and these capri’s measure a 27″ inseam. In the pictures above I have rolled the hem one inch.

Likes: First, I love the stretch cotton material these particular cafe capri’s are made of. J.Crew manufactures these pants in many other fabrics all of which had no stretch and were too tight on me. The cotton is breathable, light, and stretchy. The opening is a two hook closure with a 1.5inch waistband. This is ideal for keeping the tummy in check. Finally, I like the 27″ inseam and that I am able to roll the stiff fabric one full inch without the need for tailoring.

Dislikes: As you can see in the pictures above, this particular material is prone to wrinkles. This is after one day of wear at work and they already need an ironing. While the capri length is fun, it is not ideal for my conservative work environment so I will still be searching for my perfect pant. Finally, there is a bit of fraying at the pockets (intended to be opened), but I plan to have them professionally sewn shut to avoid the extra bulk at the hips.

I will be keeping these pants and have ordered the newly discovered full-length version online. Until then, I am still on the hunt for my perfect work pant!