Every year there is one large purchase I like to plan and make for myself. This year the obsession happens to be purses and in the last few months both of these have caught my eye.

Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere 40 – $1140

The Louis Vuitton speedy is actually a purse I never thought I would own. But recently the brand came out with a line called the “Bandouliere” line which includes a cross-body strap and I found myself in love. I originally saw the size 40 speedy on EmileeAnne and loved that the bag was large enough to double as a carry-on purse for long plane flights. As a frequent traveler I am always searching for purses that I can throw scarves, magazines, water bottles and such into for trips and this one, with its slouchy fit, seems perfect. Priced currently at around $1140 it is definitely an expensive item and an investment piece. New to the world of Louis Vuitton I want to do more research before pulling the trigger but I am absolutely smitten over this bag.

Chanel Wallet on Chain (WOC) – $1500

Next and highest on my list is the Chanel Wallet on Chain (WOC). To say I have researched this bag would be an understatement. I knew I wanted the WOC nearly two years ago when I walked into a Chanel boutique and the woman behind the counter was raving about the bag. Dubbed the Chanel “starter bag” it is lower in price point than their other purses and also acts as nearly 5 purses in one. The 25″ chain drop allows it to serve as a crossbody, shoulder bag, shorter flap shoulder bag, clutch and wristlet. As someone new to Chanel and the higher end purse market, this purse is a no brainer. I love the versatility, the fact that it comes in a durable caviar leather, and that I can throw it into my luggage for trips. Coming in at around $1500 it is much more expensive than many luxury purses double its size, but for Chanel is definitely a starter piece.

Narrowing in at around the same price point, both of these bags are investment pieces that will be sure to last a lifetime. Now to choose which one!

Images via:
Top left: Pinterest (unknown origin)
Top right: EmileeAnne
Bottom left: Stockholm Street Style
Bottom right: 9to5chic