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Okay so, before we get into the details of this post, let’s just take a collective sigh after the last year it’s been. Yes, I got married in 2016 (woot!) but otherwise, this has been a rough year. And gosh, the last month has been just beastly. I’ve had a terrible cold, followed by bronchitis, followed by the holidays. And so, no posts. Womp womp. 2017, i’m rootin’ for ya.

What I really want to do in this post is as ya’ll some questions. I’d love your candid, honest responses in the comments below, or via email (, twitter, instagram, wherever or whenever. I’m doing some research for a potentially very exciting project, and your input would be the most welcome.

1. Where do you shop for leather wide calf boots?
2. How much would you pay for a beautifully designed, luxury wide calf leather boot (think Stuart Weitzman style, but that actually fit your calf)?
3. If you could design your perfect boot, what would it look like?

As always, ya’ll just make my heart sing. Thank you for being you, and for being here.

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  • 1. Where do you shop for leather wide calf boots? – Usually, DSW. I find that they’re easiest to sort and search, and they have the best deals. I also like that I can ship to store for free (since they don’t always carry lots of wide calf) and try them on there and only keep what I want. They ship back the rest.

    2. How much would you pay for a beautifully designed, luxury wide calf leather boot (think Stuart Weitzman style, but that actually fit your calf)? $200, because I really wear out my boots and need to replace. It’s expensive to re-sole them, so I usually end up with a new $99 pair every couple of years.

    3. If you could design your perfect boot, what would it look like? Knee high, simple hardware, classic riding boot look in black or brown. For a second pair, I’d do a slightly shorter, motorcycle style with more badass hardware. Possible a wedge, in either, because I like them more than heels, and it’s sometimes hard to find a good wedge boot in wide calf.

  • Anna Wagner

    1. Nordstrom or DSW, usually. They have the best sorting, free shipping (or at least a low enough minimum) and free, easy returns. I have bought from Macy’s as well.
    2. I’ve paid up to $150 for boots, but would have a tough time going over that $200 barrier. I’d been eyeing the Frye Melissa Button Back Zip boot and that’d be one that could make me pull the trigger on spending more than $200 – though I’ve found them for less than that before.
    3. Antiqued full grain leather, preferably weatherproofed already but doesn’t have to be. Comes in different shaft heights since knee length for me isn’t for someone 5’6″, or even varying shaft widths because I’ve found that normal width doesn’t always fit me but wide is often too wide. Black or cognac brown with a side zipper and not much else. A 1″ stacked heel.

    • Liz S

      I agree with your comment about multiple different shaft circumferences. I too need about 15 inches, although most boots tend to come in either 14 inches (regular) or 16.5 inches (wide). There are exceptions of course. It would be awesome to have maybe 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18 inch options – I don’t know how wide they need to go, but I’m sure there is a market that would appreciate larger options that the traditional “wide” of 16.5.

  • Liz S

    I’m short (5 ft) so I need to take into both calf circumference and shaft height. I would be in awe of a boot that came in both different circumferences but also different heights (13 inches-15 inches). I also walk to work, so I need a comfy footbed that supports walking around NYC.

    1. Nordstrom, Zappos, or

    2. In store (aka could feel and try on first) up to $375
    Online only up to $180 (even with free returns the hassle of getting to the post office is just not my thing)

    3. Simple riding boots or heels under 2 inches. I had a pair of beautiful Cole Haan boots that were simple, kind of pointy toe, perfect for the office and to wear on a date, but my legs got to large for the 13.5 circumference (wft?!?!?). Like this but leather (not suede) and lower heel –

  • Tracy

    Happy New Year!!! I love this subject because girl – I’m RIGHT there with you with searching high and low for any boots that fit my calves…let alone boots that I love. We are shaped very similar with our lower bodies (in more hourglass with my bust) but I’m tall at 5’11’ so a “tall” boot hits my calves lower than normal and also at the widest part of my wide calves so I have to look for knee high boots to hit me about 1-2 inches below my knees.

    1.) I search any outlet and order (almost) regardless of price if they actually have my sizes: 9.5 or 10 so I can try them on at home. I most recently found some at Macy’s: I haven’t received them yet but they have good reviews. I also got these Corso Como Stoneybrook Tall Boots from Hautelook/Nordstrom Rack recently and LOVE them. I also ordered the Report Everback Tall Boots from Hautelook/Nordstrom Rack so will see if they fit well.

    2.) with my budget, I’d pay up to $250-$300 for some boots that should last me 3-5 seasons. Obviously if I can find a better deal I’d love it. I’m not worried about all leather as the elastic (or partial) back is the best for me now and that stretches out in time for the most part. If I could find all leather boots I’d pay up to $500 but I’ve never found any…

    3.) I look for brown and/or black, heel no more that 2 inches and classic style. I need my boots to work for casual and work environment. All leather to handle all weather.

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