reducing eyebrow redness

Ok so super awkward moment, but the picture above is me yesterday, entirely unedited and in total agony. I just had my eyebrows threaded (something I do every 6-8 months because of the pain) and was so uncomfortable, I felt like my face had just been partially ripped off. Over the years I have developed a way to get this done and reduce the extreme redness that I get with a few simple household items. Done in this sequence right after, I am always able to continue my day with no redness and no clogged pores as a result. I hope this helps!

1. rubbing alcohol + cotton balls :: This cleans the pores and for me, helps open them. It acts kind of like warm water

2. baby powder applied with fingers :: I love the way this feels. I let it sit on my eyebrows for a few minutes and just relax at home

3. aloe vera :: Followed by aloe vera. Same idea using this behind a sunburn. It reduces puffiness and redness.

4. Chanel concealer stippled on with a cotton ball :: When all else fails, add concealer or even pink eyeshadow. It combats the red color.