Review: Club Monaco Faux Fur Vest


Club Monaco vest, Madewell shirtdress (old)(amazing style here), SPANX tights, Anthropologie necklace (old)(similar), DUO boots (review coming soon!)

My parents were gracious enough to buy me this faux fur vest for Hanukkah this year. After countless meetings seeing me in my DIY version, my mom decided it was time to upgrade. I’ve never owned anything quite like this before, always assuming that a boxy fur vest would add bulk. However, only having had it for a few weeks, I find myself wanting to layer it over everything, and it is fast becoming one of the most versatile items in my closet.



As you can see from the picture above, I chose a charcoal, black/white mix faux fur and love that the longer length of the strands makes it unique, while the color palette makes it a neutral. It has no closure in the front but acts almost like a shrug, with a slight gape in the front on my size 8-10 frame.



For reference, i’m wearing a size L and it fits beautifully. I envision styling this belted, over basic blouses and jeans and even with jean skirts as the weather warms just a tad. I am so in love with this piece! It just proves once again that sometimes breaking out of your comfort zone pays off.



Photos by Kate Franco

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  • jellybelly

    Lauren, that fox fur looks fabulous. I hate hunting (hate hate hate), but my older brother was hunting and killed a fox one time and made me a scarf from it. Is faux the brand name of the fox-fur company you got it from? It’s a very clever name for a fox company, I must admit. Do they sell other stuff?

    • Georgina Manning

      Um, you’re trolling right?! ‘Faux’ means ‘fake’! Far out.

      • jellybelly

        I’m a little embarrassed, but I just looked it up and you’re absolutely right. My apologies Lauren and Georgina. :- I may need to go back to lurking as maybe I’m not cut out for comments.

        • lhaber

          Oh no don’t worry! I love your comments :)

  • Tracy

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! looks great on you and love the outfit! High five mom! :)

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