Gap sweater, BDG jeans, Seychelles boots via Gilt, Prada sunglasses

I’m just breaking pearshape “rules” all over the place these days. I have spoken about my need for comfortable, walkable boots in many posts (here and here) and finally broke down about a month ago and ordered these Seychelles boots from Gilt. They were on mega sale and I know Seychelles is notorious for comfort, so I figured I would give it a go. I originally anticipated only wearing these with tights and skirts to minimize the breaking up of my leg line, but broke the mold last week with black jeans (baby steps, people).



I surprised myself by actually loving the look and feeling so comfortable. I was proud of myself for wearing an item that i’ve long admired but been too afraid to delve into, and making it work for my body type. For now I think I will be sticking with tights and dresses/skirts or black jeans, but thought that the wide opening of the boot and a slouchy sweater helped to make this look flattering and chic.


Reasons I chose these boots in particular: A) they are insanely comfortable, B) they have a wider opening at the top, key for keeping proportion and not pegging the leg too much, C) they have some detailing, keeping them tough rather than dainty.


I’d love to hear your opinion, what do you think of ankle boots for pears? Have you tried the trend?