Top (really a dress): Alex & Alex via Gilt, Skirt: Nordstrom, Shoes: Sam Edelman, Necklace: H&M (recent), Belt: Shareen Vintage

As a woman with a curvy figure, shopping online can either be wonderful or a total disaster. Measurements provided online are great when you know your size, but then every once in a while you order a dress from an online retailer (in this case, Gilt), get the dress and are horrified by the result. I ordered this blue dress (worn here as a top) a few weeks ago in a size larger than my usual thinking it would be a fun piece for Fall. Much to my disappointment the dress was incredibly snug around the hips when it arrived and the measurements provided were completely off. The worst part? I bought it as a Final Sale item. So, it was time to get thrifty.

I ordered this skirt from Nordstrom thinking that it would be the perfect piece to hide the tightness of the dress yet still “go” with the color. When pulling the whole outfit together I remembered that I had this royal blue belt from Shareen’s that was almost a perfect match to the color. Metallic fun heels and big, bold jewels tie it together.

Oh, and how amazing are these train tracks I found near my apartment. I am definitely learning to love the South!