Andrew Marc leather jacket (similar), vintage turtleneck, J.Crew Pixie leggings, J.Crew boots, Zara bib

After a glorious couple of days this weekend, Sunday rolled around and it was like we were living in an entirely different city. The temperature dropped so drastically that I found myself pulling out my favorite cold weather leggings, cashmere turtlenecks and boots. I always have a tougher time styling leggings but have found that by following a simple methodology, I always look clean and put together.


1) Pick a blouse-y top. A looser fitting top will help you feel more comfortable as the leggings tend to cut into our stomach area

2) Layer. See point above. Thin layers never hurt

3) Never, ever wear ankle boots. I always opt for knee-high boots when wearing leggings and haven’t yet found a way to wear sandals or ankle boots with them. The higher line allows for the feeling of a cleaner silhouette and avoids truncating the leg line.


On an unrelated note. Welcome to the roof of my building! Our apartment specifically has access to the roof which we use often for entertaining. I hope you enjoy another peak into our place!