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Taking a cue from Sydney and taking stock.

Making: turkey chili in my slow cooker
Cooking: hot soups, hearty stews, and spicy chili’s
Drinking: endless iced tea’s for long work days
Reading: Cuckoo’s Calling because I missed the last J.K Rowling bandwagon…
Wanting: more and more time with family and friends. more hours in the day
Looking: forward to a few months of peace, and normalcy, and waking up next to my love every day
Playing: with hair styles. time for a change?
Wasting: time watching YouTube videos (i.e. the most relaxing thing). So not a waste at all
Sewing: nothing, ever
Wishing: for happiness, always
Enjoying: the way Cesar reads audio books on the way to work and then giddily recaps them to me at the end of the day.
Liking: my time at home
Wondering: when I will get the chance to visit my parents again
Loving: how Cesar cuddles with me for 5 minutes before bed every night, and before he leaves in the morning
Hoping: for more relaxation
Marveling: at the beauty of this city, everyday.
Needing: for cheese and ice cream to have no calories.
Smelling: the amazingness of Macadamia intensive hair masque on my locks
Wearing: my favorite skinnies. All day erryday
Following: only those blogs/websites that inspire me. Time to pare down and focus on myself
Noticing: clearer skin
Knowing: that the holidays are coming
Thinking: about my future. What I want, what it will be.
Feeling: nervous/anxious/tired/excited.
Bookmarking: Holiday cheer
Opening: online order boxes. It’s the only way to go
Giggling: when Cesar tickles me all. the. time.
Feeling: hopeful

Happy weekend, all.