Ted Baker peplum (wearing a Ted Baker size 4), J.Crew pixie pant, Seychelles boots (this season’s), Prada sunglasses

Guys, I think this top is my new favorite piece in my closet (aside from this baby, of course, let’s be real). The moment I put this on in the Neiman Marcus dressing room I felt amazing. That feeling doesn’t come very often so I made the immediate decision to buy it, regardless of the cost. Lucky me it was on sale plus the FF sale at Neimans, so bringing home that feeling didn’t break the bank. I love the exaggerated peplum, hot pink look-at-me pink knit, long sleeve length and thickness of the material. I’m so so smitten.



One thing that immediately struck me was the brilliant placing of the knit stitching. As you can see, it crosses directly over my chest, while continuing down the front narrowing my waist. This, of course, does great things to make my width look smaller while making my chest look great.


I love the back length of this top as well. Long enough to cover the top of pants but not so long that it cuts off the rear. The peplum also somewhat flattens in the back which I think gives it a unique look.



The knit is mostly cotton, part wool and party poly/blend and is very soft. I wear it with a Banana Republic tank underneath just to streamline my undergarments but it would be totally fine without it. The sweater is incredibly thick and heavy and didn’t require a jacket on top when I wore it last Friday.



I’m so so in love with this and would recommend it a million ways to Sunday. Further proof that Ted Baker is one of my favorite brands for pearshapes. Please let me know if you pick up this sweater and share your styling with me!