During our impromptu weekend visit to Las Vegas, the boyfriend and I had one crucial stop we absolutely had to make: The Bacchanal buffet at the Caeser’s Palace. Voted the best buffet in Las Vegas, and newly the best buffet in the world, this was one of the most amazing dining experiences I have ever had. I am a sucker for a good buffet and this world class dining event did not disappoint.

The interior of the building was immaculately decorated. With modern wood paneling and glass fixtures, it was a beautiful atmosphere to dine in.

However the most amazing part of the experience was, of course, the food. There were 9 stations each with different ethnic types of food. Options included an entire seafood station, a mexican station complete with handmade tortillas and a taco man, an asian station, salad bars, fried food station, and the list goes on. I was completely stuffed when I walked out and easily went through three plates of little samples of nearly every dish.

As a sucker for all things sweet, the dessert station was my boyfriends and my clear favorite part. The pastry chefs offered individually made soufflés, homemade gelato, endless assortments of cakes and cookies, handmade crêpes that easily rivaled those in Paris, and my personal favorite: crème brûlée, that I neglected to take a photo of as it was consumed immediately.

The Bacchanal has become our new favorite place to dine in Las Vegas and was the highlight of our trip this time around. Clearly we like to eat!