The Beauty of Bodycon (UPDATE w/ Sale Info)

Friends. I had to update everyone with a sale that Anthropologie is having. A very similar dress to the one below is on sale for over 50% off. Happy shopping!

Anthropologie dress (this year’s updated version here), SPANX tights, DUO boots, Ray Ban sunglasses

The last time this dress was worn, I mentioned that it was my first pearshape purchase. By that I mean it was the first dress I bought when I finally started to embrace my shape. The bodycon style and shorter length was a bold move, but this dress has paid for itself ten-fold. I purchased it at Anthropologie right when this style appeared in stores and is now reproduced in a new color each year.


Interestingly enough, I feel slimmer and sexier in this body-con style than in any a-line garment I own. I know many stylists and designers recommend that curvy women opt for the a-line style, that this “suites everyone.” While I agree, I think each person needs to find what style works for them, how they feel most comfortable. For me, showing off my curves has become my comfort zone, and in a dress that does such an amazing job of camouflaging any imperfections, I feel infinitely more confident.





Have a wonderful start to your week! And please, tell me, what style are you most comfortable in?

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  • sarahfromtoronto

    You look absolutely beautiful in this dress!

  • Julia H.

    Love this. (Side note: ended up scrolling through your older instagram photos & was so excited to discover that my favorite fashion blogger is a fellow Chi Omega!)

  • Mrs. Smith

    You are ROCKING this!!! I am so wanting to sew up the Vogue pattern version of this. Must. Find. Striped. Fabric!!! LOve it

  • kajero

    You look so awesome in the dress! Thank you so much for posting this. I am a pear shape, too, and have wanted to sew this dress forever! I even have the pattern and material. My Pear Shape, which I prefer now to call an “A” shape has been what’s been stopping me. NO MORE! You have inspired me! You rock!!!!

  • Sara

    Where can I buy this?

  • Amaris

    I LOVE THIS DRESS. It’s breaking my heart because they don’t have any like it online. I really love the colors of this one, too. :/

  • Amanda Marie Aungst

    I WANT THIS DRESS!!!! OMG I wish I could find it 🙁 I dont wear dresses but I would totally wear this one!!!

  • heather

    Wow this is a gorgeous outfit

  • SmartyPantz

    Yeah now I’ll never understand why any woman with hips would be in A line especially if they have a waist!!! A line has its uses but every thick/hippy chick isn’t interested in hiding all them hips! U look good!

  • Dawn Fifer

    I want this dress!!!

  • Diana

    where did tou but this dress?
    info please!!

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