Jambox by Jawbone. A portable wireless speaker system. Sold at all AT&T and Apple stores

My friends and family know that I am a bit of a tech/gadget junkie. I love the newest electronic devices. Everything from new phones, cameras, computers and tablets to personal speakers like the one above, I have to have ’em. As a consultant for a major technology company, I guess that comes with part of the territory.

This last week my boyfriend, also a tech junkie, introduced me to the Jambox by Jawbone, or in other words, the coolest new electronic device of all time. This tiny portable wireless speaker syncs to your cell phone, ipad, computer, or any electronic device to emit the clearest most amazing sound. It runs off of Bluetooth or wire and also acts as a microphone, so if you are listening to music and get a call on your phone, the device instantly switches over allowing you to vocally answer and take your call. Like, whoa.

Needless to say, this isn’t your standard post. But technology is another one of my passions and it would act as a unique post for your Saturday afternoon!