The Most Controversial Piece of Clothing I Own – From Anthropologie


Anthropologie top (in stores only), J.Crew belt, altered ASOS pants (see alteration story here), Ferragamo shoes, Joan Hornig earrings (generously gifted for brother’s wedding)

Every once in a while I see a piece in a store that I have a visceral reaction to. I get giddy and cannot wait to try it on, and am made more excited when I am wearing it, it fits correctly, and is flattering. That was the reaction I had when I saw this top in Anthropologie. I immediately thought of 4-5 ways to wear it, justifying it’s cost and uniqueness in my mind. I brought it home and wore it out to a fancier dinner with my boyfriend. And, that is when the controversy started.


Cesar’s immediate reaction to this outfit was “wow, babe, I really don’t like that outfit, namely that top.” Now, Cesar is generally incredibly supportive of what I wear and the way I experiment. While not generally effervescent one way or another, his strong reaction made me stop and reconsider.



While I do agree with him that the shoulder details “look kind of like spaghetti,” I am in love with the architectural details and the balance it brings to my hips. The soft cotton/angora blend of the contrasting knit base is just so comfortable, I can’t get enough.


So, I ask you. What do you think? Perhaps toned down with basic jeans and a less vampy lip, this will be a winner. Or, perhaps the male species just isn’t destined to love it. Regardless, I do!

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  • Paula McClelland

    I like it but I can see why he does’nt. Dudes don’t like fussy in many ways and maybe this top is a little fussy? Cut off the sleeves 😉

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  • Georgina Manning

    Although we value the opinions of our boyfriends, I really don’t think we should be dressing for them as such. I have the same connection to many items in my wardrobe and if it makes you feel confident and comfortable, then it allows your beauty to shine through… wear what you love! Personally, I get why you like that top, and I think you should keep on rockin’ it.

    • thepearshape

      Thank you Georgina. I have decided to keep it! and promised just to wear it out with the girls 🙂

  • Shwe

    Ya i agree wid ur bf.. Its nt that great!

  • Monica Quijada

    i think you are right about it balancing out your hips. I think it looks great!

    • thepearshape

      Thank you Monica!

  • Nathan Mizrachi

    Hey Lauren, very catchy title to this piece. Speaking as a man who has dated a couple different fashion-conscious women, I can empathize with Cesar when for the most part I am very supportive of whatever my girlfriend happens to wear. But something about Anthropologie just doesn’t seem to click. My ex aptly described it as “clothing for impressing other women, not men,” and I think that fits. As long as you like it though, then I like it, too! (and THAT is something I always remember to say, no matter how I feel).

    • thepearshape

      Ha thanks Nathan! Your approach is solid 🙂

  • Tan O

    I dress for me… because it is MY BODY! That said, there is nothing wrong with respecting his opinion, but that should not stretch to avoiding what you love altogether! My opinion? Not that it matters, is that I love the top on you.

    • thepearshape

      It totally matters! Thank you for saying you like it. I have decided to keep it, boyfriend’s opinions aside

  • http://fancynancysfashionsafar

    The top caught my eye too, totally agree with your thought that it balances out one’s hip area, maybe I should put it on my Anthro. wish list

  • Jen

    It’s definitely an unusual piece, but I wouldn’t say controversial. I’d say keep it if you love it! 🙂

    Jen @ Librarian for Life & Style

  • Elisse

    I really really like the top. It’s beautiful! Boys just don’t get it! Glad you decided to keep it. But good call to just use it out with the girls. It’ll save you from having to endure constant eye rolling from the Mr. (well, don’t know if your guy does the eye roll but mine does!)

    • thepearshape

      Ha mine does too! xo

  • i think from further away, the top looks very high fashion, especially with the shades and vampy lip! this outfit is very modern cool – boys like certain clothes on girls and we like to get magical and imaginative, which is perfectly okay 🙂

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  • RylanG

    The top does great things as far as balance for your hips and it is architecturally suited to you overall. However, I am with your boy on the sleeves. Why would they do that to a beautiful top?!! Could you remove the loops of yarn somehow?

    As far as the idea of dressing for our boyfriends, I think we kid ourselves that we don’t…and conversely that they don’t dress for us (granted, usually they need our help to do so properly). Now once you are married you’ll spend much less time dressing for him (but he will remain interested in what you wear, with offers to help you remove even the items he doesn’t like the look of). Come to think of it, once you have kids you just stop spending time dressing at all…and showering…and eating healthy…

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