Prior to this last weekend I had never visited Washington, D.C. While I lived in Philadelphia for four years for college, and spent many months in NYC for internships, the stars never aligned and I never made it out to our nation’s capital. A few month’s ago one of my closest friends from college moved to D.C. for work, and we determined it was the perfect place to have our bi-monthly college girlfriend meet-up. We had an absolutely amazing time galavanting around the monuments, reliving old memories of college, and capturing every last moment with each other before parting ways once more.

^My complete awe and joy in seeing the White House for the first time.

Wearing a Loft coat (similar splurge worthy style), borrowed sweater, ASOS scarf (similar), random boutique top, Levi’s jeans

Every monument was more breathtaking than the last (my personal favorite was the Lincoln memorial, made even more impactful after seeing the movie a few weeks ago).

My friends are absolutely stunning and we have such a close relationship that I cherish deeply. Seeing them only every couple of months is saddening but I know that regardless of where we end up around the country, we will always manage to get together in new and exciting cities. In other news, how preppy and gorgeously styled is my friend Olivia above?! With her Barbour jacket and J.Crew boots, she looks so D.C. chic.

Thank you for reading!