Gap jean jacket, J.Crew top, Ann Taylor pants (similar), Superga sneakers, Louis Vuitton bag via Bib & Tuck, Tory Burch sunglasses

I have been researching Louis Vuitton Speedy bags for months. With its classic design, go-with-everything color, and fold-ability (perfect for my constant travel), I knew it was the best choice as one of my first designer handbag purchases. After trying on all of the Speedy sizes and colors, I settled on the 30 in the brown versus white iconic print. I knew I wanted to buy gently used vintage as the in-store prices are just ridiculous. After many months of searching, I settled on a new-to-me shopping website: Bib and Tuck to make my purchase.


Bib and Tuck is a members only online community, founded on the basis of women “trading” fashion items. Essentially, someone chooses to sell an item on this website (bib it), and if you want to purchase it, you tuck it. Purchases can be made with their own currency known as “bucks” or standard dollars (the route I went with).


I spotted this LV Speedy 30 on sale on the site by one of the members, and after sending her multiple emails asking for more specific photos of the bag, I decided to pull the trigger and tuck it. Bib and Tuck guarantees the authenticity of their merchandise which made me even more comfortable purchasing this bag on their site for an amazing price. Customer service through the whole process was spectacular and I couldn’t be happier with my bag and the experience.


If you would like an invitation to Bib and Tuck I have some to give! Simply leave your email in the comments section and I will send along the information to join! (UPDATE: Invites have run out! I was only issued a certain amount to give out and they have gone already. Stay posted for more invitations as they come)