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As a blogger I am my own brand. Not only do I wear the creative director hat, cultivating the content of this blog, but I market myself, strategize for my own success, communicate and interact with brands, and determine the most effective and personable ways to share my content of this little corner of the internet that I have created.

One of the outlets that has been the most key to my success has been Pinterest. From pinning pearshape resource tips to recipes I have created, this media outlet has helped me share my content around the globe, and has bolstered this blog.

I mentioned this to my parents a few weeks ago, that Pinterest has been a godsend in the world of blogging, and believe it or not, they didn’t fully understand what Pinterest was. And it got me thinking, if they didn’t understand (with two children who work in tech) perhaps there are brands and companies out there that also don’t understand what Pinterest is or does. So, that begs the question, how would I describe it to a person or an entity that has never used it before?

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In one sentence, Pinterest is an electronic, global, public cork board. It allows you to save images of yourself or things that inspire you, this action known as “pinning.” It is public in that every image you “pin” can be seen on a live streaming feed by anyone that is logged into Pinterest at that time. The openness and transparity of your Pin is what makes this platform so valuable. Everyone and anyone can see your inspiration, your tastes, things you’ve done or what you have worn, and can “repin” it again and again, thus sharing it globally, to everyone on Pinterest.

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A user sees a mustard sweater pinned on Pinterest, she repins it and decides she loves the outfit and wants to recreate it, so she goes on a hunt for a similar mustard sweater. For brands this motivates users to purchase more clothing, for bloggers it means greater reach for the outfit shots they produce, and for readers it means constant sources of inspiration.

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This rapid and creative discemenation of images is truly spectacular, and has revolutionized the way brands interact with users, bloggers with readers, bridesmaids to brides, and so on.

So yes, Pinterest is one of my favorite social media outlets. And yes, I think it is invaluable to our little world of blogging. Are you following me on Pinterest?


*This was not a sponsored post *All images my own, pinned from my Pinterest board *Pictures on the left (inspiration and reworked) source and source