Hi! One week, two blog posts – who am I?

Earlier this month we launched Part & Parcel to our Partner community, and we did it in Anchorage, Alaska.

As a market that intimidates a lot of businesses, I’m so excited to share why Alaska was a no brainer for us.

Funny enough, It all started a few years ago when I met Sharita Napper at The Curvy Con. An Alaskan fashionista running her very own style blog, The 907 Strut. Connecting with Sharita meant witnessing her passion for fashion and her pride to be from Anchorage, Alaska.Sharita shared a few key facts that never left me. First, Alaska was in a years-long recession. People were suffering and with other “gig economy” or “side hustle” platforms (think Uber and Lyft) not really available in Alaska, people needed work. Second was that many women in Alaska were plus size, but had so few clothing options. Wal-Mart and Target were shutting down stores and no other brands were willing to come and serve that market. In the middle of CurvyCon i literally jumped up and down and said “Part & Parcel will come to Alaska!”. We’ve been plotting a launch in Anchorage ever since.

Part & Parcel felt like the perfect solution for Alaskan women. It’s  more than just clothing. It is built to enrich communities that need financial freedom, are lacking in Plus support, and desire quality product that fits.

We’re not ignoring this community, we’re celebrating it. We’re not opening stores to close them  We’re we’re making product for plus, accessible plus to plus.

I can’t wait to share the actual Alaska launch party with you next week.

And if there are other cities that you think we need to be in, please DM or Email us on any of our social channels (@partandparcelHQ) and let us know!  

Until Tuesday,