Sweater: Asos, Jeans: Banana Republic, Shoes: B. Makowsky via Nordstrom (old, similar)

Guys I think i’ve found my winter cream sweater. It’s a soft, non-itchy knit, thin enough to tuck into skirts for work, long sleeved to keep me fully warmed, and boat-necked for future fun collars to peak out of. In short, Asos, you win. And the best part about it, it has the most fun bell sleeves you can imagine. Part of me thinks: “hey the bell sleeves sort of balance out my hips!” and the other part of me thinks “be realistic, they are just awesome.”

In other news, these jeans are one of my all-time favorites. They are an old pair of boot-cut jeans from Banana Republic’s curvy line, which happens to fit us pearshapes pretty darn well. Score 1 for BR. They continue to sell these jeans in store and with the perfect, unhemmed length and ideal pocket placement on the rear end, I might have to snag another pair. Word of caution though: the particular dark wash i’m wearing tends to rub off on light colored clothing (read: this sweater), so try and stay away from whites or creams when wearing these pants.

Thanks for reading!